What is Community Correction, (i.e. the Colorado "halfway house" system) and how do they work? How much of our tax dollars are spent on corrections, and how are they allocated? Where do private detention facilities get their funding, and how do they function? What are the strengths/weakness of this "alternative to incarceration," and how can the system be improved. We believe the community should understand the answer to these questions and thereby be able to effectively engage policy makers when it comes to decision-making on these important issues. Therefore, we regularly hold forums and workshops to provide this knowledge to community member, so they can become and remain involved in efforts for change.
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You can never get too much exposure when it comes to getting help.  AWP advocates for justice for those of us trapped in the criminal justice system and for those reentering society.  We advocate for evidence-based practices and policies with a mind to principles of restorative and transformative justice.

The mission of the Above Waters Project is to support and protect those currently and formerly incarcerated within the US penal system. We understand that grave injustice exists within this "justice" system and are thus committed both to ending such injustice as well as helping smooth the transition of our incarcerated brother& sisters back into society. Whether through data collection and dissemination, policy change, informal advocacy, or otherwise, we fight for justice and dignity for all people.

For every injustice we know ​justice exists.

Whitney Leeds
Board Member
 Attorney practicing criminal defense and defense from deportation.  Active member of the National Lawyers Guild, and the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar.

About Us

Amy Kafuuma
Vice Chair
Background in Social Work and Education, graduated from MSU in 2003.  Works to build coalitions against mass incarceration and police brutality.  Dedicated to ending to injustice.

Homelessness, employment, and voting can present considerable challenges for those with criminal record. The sentencing scheme in Colorado is unnecessarily harsh and is long overdue for reform. The focus on punishment rather than restorative and transformative justice undermines long-term public safety and the health of our communities. AWP is building alliances with other individuals and organization in Colorado working on these very important, related issues, so that we can help strengthen broader efforts at bringing the system of mass incarceration to an end.

A  board designed with a passion for justice