Our Mission

The Mission of the Above Waters Project is to support and protect those currently and formerly incarcerated within the US penal system.  We understand that grave injustice exists within this "justice" system and are thus committed both to ending such injustice as well as helping smooth the transition of our incarcerated brothers & sisters back into society.  Whether through data collection and dissemination, policy change, informal advocacy, or otherwise, we fight for justice and dignity for all people. ~ AWP


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2017 Award Honoree 

Colorado Black Woman for Political Action,

National Association for Advancement of Colorado People (NAACP State Conference CO/MT/WY)

Colorado Black Round Table

Few people truly understand how the system of mass incarceration works here in Colorado, yet it's impossible to effectively advocate for justice without knowing the system in and out. To that end, AWP is working to bring this knowledge to our friends and neighbors to ensure that our community is well equipped to take part in the struggle for justice.

Above Waters Project has a heart for the people and was created by and for individuals directly impacted by the system of mass incarceration.  We know that the transition from jail or prison to Community Corrections (ComCor) can be difficult.  We strive to provide, among other things, basic hygiene products to Comcor residents, referral services, and outreach services to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated members of community.  We know the importance of keeping your head above water moving forward.  


2016/2017 Grantee

Right now, someone's relative, friend, spouse, co-worker is taking a journey into our criminal justice system. How will this end for them? Are they in Jail/Prison or Community Corrections? AWP is working actively to end mass incarceration and to advocate for those directly impacted by it.