"A difference Rev. Tammy Garrett-Williams makes" 

Extraordinary leader, with a passion for change! 

Hello everyone, I am Rev. Tammy Garrett-Williams.  I am a native of Dallas, Texas.  I am a ordained minister and Senior Pastor for Transformed Ministries.  I am also the Founder of Above Waters Project (AWP) and the author of Invisible Handcuffs .

I have been heard on radio stations such as KGNU 1390 AM, KUSH Radio/TV  and KLDC 1220 AM.  I have been  mentioned in the Westword October 2015, and I am seen speaking at many events surrounding social justice relating to mass incarceration or people living with HIV/AIDS.

In 2013, I was tired of what I saw  happening in our criminal justice system.  This led me to write Invisible Handcuffs.  A book which explains my walk and the walk of others while being held inside of another form of incarceration.  The message I carry is, "Time for Change!"
The Above Waters Project is my passion because those who have or is going through the process of reentry from jail or prison which includes Community Corrections or what is better known as a halfway house, have become my platform because  I have the expertise in the area of mass incarceration not only because I research and advocate in this area, but because I am still a product of this system, and now I stand on the side for change and justice for those who walks this same path. 
I am currently a social justice activist and I have joined forces with The Greater Metro Denver Ministerial Alliance, Communities United Against Mass Incarceration, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)  Together Colorado, as well as The Denver Justice Project.
Above Waters Project has been involved with many issues surrounding legislative matters here in Colorado which involves incarcerated people.  We are bringing their voices to the table, where there once was none.
 I hold currently a two year term on Denver Mayor's committee  the Denver HIV Planning Council.  I am supporter of Children Hospital Immunodeficiency Program (C.H.I.P) and a Recruiter for Positive Women Network (PWN) an agency which advocate for women who lives with Human Immunodeficiency Virus/AIDS.
My education has many layers from Accounting  to Computer Networking Engineer.
Achievements:  Center of Disease Control (Facilitator), Denver HIV Resource Planning Council (Board Member), Greater Metro Denver Ministerial Alliance (Member of Social Justice).  
 I am dedicated to the people who are currently or formally incarcerated.   I have dedicated my life to see change and dignity for the people who's lives  have been changed by the world which now ostracized,  us.   I believe all people deserves a chance to live a successful life after incarceration.  In my mind this is why Above Waters Project exists, to help others to see that through this complex injustice system, they too can achieve greatness and keep their head above waters. ~ Rev. Tammy Garrett-Williams  - created 3/2016

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